Entertaining "Rules" + Candle Giveaway

I love to entertain in our home and have a few set of "rules" I have for myself in getting our home ready for company.  These are not rules I think that everyone needs to follow but guidelines for myself to feel like my home is pulled together and appears the way I want it to when we are having guests over.  These are besides obvious things like making sure clutter is picked up and toilet rings are unseen!  These are personal touches that I find joy and importance in their details.

1. A home that smells good: I have a sensitive nose and will purposefully seek out a stinky or lovely smell when it's aroma is present.  Because of my overly aware nose, I do my best to make sure my home is ALWAYS smelling good.  My favorite way to ensure this is with air fresheners and candles.  I read once that "every good hostess knows to light a candle in the bathroom" when guests are over.  Note taken.  An air freshener can is not a terrible thing either! wink

2. Flowers: It doesn't have to be a lot but a small arrangement in the bathroom and at our entryway says I took the time and thoughtfulness to bring a little life and beauty into my home.  This is a must for showers and anything girly.  It also pertains to #1 in keeping things smell good.

3. Snacks: I am not always great at this but I try to have some chips and salsa or fruit out just in case the main meal is not ready when guests arrive.  We personally eat at an hour of many retired people, so I have been there, saving my calories for delicious party food, only to have to wait an hour to eat.  I already do not love small talk with people I barely know...let alone on an empty stomach!  I try to save my guests from such torture! 

4. Music playing: I love a little background music.  Not too soft or too loud but it adds a party mood.  My husband has installed speakers throughout our whole house so that music can be heard throughout {even in the bathroom!} so we don't have to bump it too loud to be heard.  I have an "easy listening" playlist in iTunes that is a mix of mellow and slightly upbeat music that is used for most of our parties.  Pandora is also a great free option if you do not have a lot of music.


To go along with my "entertaining rules," I was excited to recently try out an Aquiesse Soy Candle.  Without going to much effort, our home got into party mode with the light of my new candle!  The Aquiesse candle not only smells ah-mazing but it also comes in a pretty little glass container.  My husband mentioned how blinging it was and said it was very Juicy Coutore-ish {I have him fashion trained well, as you can see!}.  

Thanks to the people of Aquiesse, I have one Small Soy Candle in Shoreline from Aquiesse's Portfolio collection {same as the one I have pictured} to give away to one reader!

In order to enter, please comment telling me one of your "entertaining rules." 

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Aquiesse candles can be found at several retailers including Bloomingdales, Candles Off Main, Scents and Sprays, Candle Delirium, and Zanadia.  Aquiesse candle was received for free in exchange for this giveaway.