Loving Gold Details {+ heading to the south!}

I am really loving gold right now.  For me it feels kind of like a neutral but still a pop of glam.  I can pair either my gold belt or gold headband with just about anything and it looks great against dark colors {ie. my navy and black wardrobe and brown hair that often gets mistaken for black}.

Dress: Marshall's // Flower headband: JC Penny {this season} // Belt: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: wedding rings // Camera Strap: Polka Dot Bungalow

**We are heading to South Carolina with some of my in-laws tomorrow...I am sooo excited!  Looking forward to getting a taste of the south.  I have Cracker Barrel and Hobby Lobby already on the to-see list!  I have regular posts set up while I am gone but if you want to catch up on the updates of our trip {because you know it will take me a month to post about it!} you can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.  I will be posting pictures and info on what we are doing! 

**Don't forget to enter the Aquiesse candle giveaway as well! It smells soooo good!  xo


  1. Ok first of all I LOVE your "about me" button, such a cute picture!!

    And second of all you look cute--as usual ;)

    Thirdly, SO excited for your trip!! Can't wait to "hear" all about it, you know I will be living through your tweets and fb post ;) Have a fabulous, safe trip! I know you will LOVE Hobby Lobby :)

  2. LOVE the black and gold combo! And have fun in the south....I don't realize that not everyone is blessed with access to the wonderfulness of hobby lobby and cracker barrel. Enjoy :)

  3. Yes, I love gold too! Its so fun. I have these pair of gold shoes that I swear go with everything. The soles are finally coming apart :(

    Enjoy your little vaca.

  4. Not sure what part of SC you are headed to but we love all of the Carolinas...so much fun!


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