Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apples


Happy Saturday friends!  Since Thanksgiving is this week, I thought I better post this "fallish" post before we starting getting all crazy Christmasy on Friday.  But if you decide to make these after Thanksgiving, that is okay too.  Because caramel apples are good all year long and apples are at their peak right stock up when they are cheap!

This recipe was adapted from a caramel apple that they sell at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I have nostalgic memories of nibbling on these things in Old Town with my girlfriends...and on dates with my husband when we were dating.  Now that I am married and cheap, I can make them at home! {wink}

You will need:


-Caramel {I got mine in the bulk food section at Winco}

-Oreos or generic chocolate sandwich cookies {we don't do brand name too much around here}

-Chocolate chips

-White chocolate or vanilla chips


-Heavy cream/whole milk/creamer {I used fat free original Coffee-mate}

I have burned one two many chocolate chips so I used a double broiler to melt my caramel...

The caramel was not thick enough so I did a quick google search and found that it helps to add these as thickeners and flavor {called for heavy cream but I used creamer}:

Dip your apples in...

While I was at it, I decided to make some carmellows...caramel and marshmallows...

After the caramel cooled on the apples, I dipped them again into chocolate on a double broiler, then into chocolate cookie crumbles, and topped it all off with some melted white chocolate...

What is your favorite fall treat?