Tips for Getting Through the Holidays

Our Thanksgiving Eve dinner...turkey sandwiches and a Christmas movie. Yes, our living room is different.  
I forgot to show you.  Forgive me?  You will see it combined with Christmas decor.

Happy Monday after is not even December 1st and I am already feeling the Christmas pressures.  Reading blogs and even Facebook status updates about Christmas trees and decorations already being up makes me feel behind.  Let's take a moment and take a deep breath...

Okay, did you take a deep breath?  I am knee deep in Christmas bins sprawled all over my home.  It is OK.

 We didn't quite get our tree together as a strand went out.  Booo.  What is that cord hanging?  I really have no idea.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you all a great discussion going on over at BlogHer's Life Well Lived.  Today I joined in sharing how I deal with the holiday stress...and it is all about "letting go."  Hop on over to the Life Well Lived Post to read what I said and to give your input. 

And while you are there, be sure to enter to win the $250 sweepstakes.  Pretty sure winning that would alleviate some holiday stress! wink.

*In order to comment and enter the sweepstakes, you will need to sign in with a BlogHer profile, but it is super easy to do once.  They have all kinds of great giveaways and articles to read so you might as well just do it and get it over with! :)

What are some of your best tips for surviving the season of parties, celebrations and family get-togethers?  {answer here and then head on over to share in the discussion!}


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  2. I realized that giving & getting the gifts really don't matter. I know we know that but as adults--there is still pressure to GIVE to EVERYONE in our extended families. A few years ago I finally gave up. Guess what? No one noticed or even cared, BUT they would notice if we weren't *there*. Priorities. What FREEDOM!

    I relaxed, took the WHOLE month to get all the decorations UP & another month (a little less) to get them all down.

    I savored the traditions WE have: Christmas light looking, local Nativity walk, annual "Santa Train" pix @ my MIL's house.

    And this year, to focus more on *giving* we've 'adopted' a family to contribute gifts to.

    Oh!...AND LOTS & LOTS of baking... ;-)

  3. How I am dealing with holiday stress is realizing that I can't do it all. I really do not want to do it all anyway. I see some much competition over who gets their tree up first or who has bought more gifts. I am loving the less is more thing this year. I get so little free time that I really do not want to spend it running around making more work for myself.

  4. I'm lucky in that not much stresses me out. I just try to focus on the fun and the excitement of the season!


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