What I Have Been Wearing :: Lots of Tights

Over the last few weeks it has gotten colder and I have been happy to pull out some new tights I bought a few months ago.  I was advised by a fashion savvy friend of mine to always buy tights a size larger than your measurements say...and in my case I buy them two sizes larger because I have fairly large thighs and waist for my height and body weight.  I have ripped one two many tights trying to put them on and decided I wasn't going to have that anymore...

shirt: thrift // dress: Target clearance // belt: Charlotte Russe // tights: Target // shoes: Target clearance

shirt: thrift // skirt: Marshall's // belt: Charlotte Russe // leggings: Ross

shirt: Target clearance // skirt: Aerie // tights: Target // shoes: Marshall's

Do you wear tights in the winter or too much of a hassle?


  1. I love your colored ones!! So cute! I never wear them, honestly I never thought about it. I might check them out tho!

  2. LOL! I did it again!
    That was me, NOT my husband! LOL!

  3. I LOVE tights! I wear them all the time :)


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