Hello Kitty on the Shelf

I felt a little left out this year that I did not participate in Elf on the Shelf...mostly because we do not have kids and I felt doing it for myself seemed a little silly {not that that has ever stopped me from doing other things}.  So as my husband would say, "just for kicks and giggles," Hello Kitty and I did our own rendition of Elf on the Shelf this afternoon.  But instead...Hello Kitty on the Shelf!


I like to think that if Hello Kitty was at the birth of Jesus, she would have brought him a hula hoop...and I think Jesus would have liked it...

Spending a lazy day making art at sanrio.com...

And for extra fun I have a little Hello Kitty giveaway going on over at my Facebook page!  I have been going on and on about collecting these cute little Hello Kitty toys from McDonald's with my Facebook followers.  Passing on the Hello Kitty love!  Hop on over to enter! 


  1. Those are so stinking CUTE!!! Oh, seeing them all here makes me madder at my McDonalds. Losers.

  2. I LOVE all the Hello Kitty toys! They are so adorable!! I want them, lol! :D

  3. I never heard about the elf on a shelf till this year and my girls are teens so thinking they wouldn't be as in to it as if they were little. LOVE your hello kitty on a shelf!

  4. Hello Kitty is not nearly as creepy as the elf on the shelf. I'm totally down with this instead.

  5. we never had that tradition (nor Thanksgiving) but it seems cute. I love the Hello kitty version, being that I am surrounded by males I should totally do it and girly up the house!


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