Bathroom Update and Christmas Cheer

I recently updated one of our's been one of those rooms that I was not completely happy with and I just couldn't get it right.  I am happy to say I love it so much more now.  Like I shared recently, I am learning how to tie in trends {like some vintage art} with my own style for a more natural flowing look. 

I love clothes...and so I thought why not use it as decoration as well?  There is something so feminine about jewelry hanging and a ruffly blouse {that is too big and I don't wear anyways, perfect, right!}.  Some black and white photos from our engagement photo session...and the first roses my husband ever gave to me back in the day.  My sweet romantic bathroom.  L O V E .  And I must mention my very supportive masculine husband who puts up with the girliest home on earth.  I realize this is rare.  :)

What things do you like to decorate with that reflect "you"?