Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping

Well it is that time again, if you are not knee deep in Christmas gift wrapping you will be very soon.  Each year I pick a common wrapping theme...but it needs to be easy and quick as this time of year is so busy.  

So nothing too fancy around here...but still definitely cute and thoughtful.  After Christmas I hit Target for some clearanced gift wrap.  I try to find it in patterns that I can use all year long.  And as you can see, a year later, I am still using it!  To fancy things up I added some paper doilies and wrote the recipients name on it. 

I try to {but not always successful at it} to have my gifts match.  I try to wrap gifts right away, so many sit under our tree for a couple weeks and I love it when it looks all matchy matchy. 

Different wrapping, same ribbon...and no doily because it is one of my husband's multiple gifts.  No wasting doilies on the husband!  Don't worry, his feelings will not be hurt....and there is just the two of us so no confusion.

For the men on one side of the family, we got them all the same gift and I added some ties to the wrapping.  Adorable, no?!  I even finally learned how to tie a tie!

I love things pretty but I do not like to spend a lot of money on wrapping that will only last for a brief moment.  By saving ribbon from other gifts and stocking up on inexpensive cute paper, I can have beautifuly wrapped presents without too much fuss.

How do you wrap your gifts?  Fancy?  Simple?