Our Christmas Tree And How It Tells Our Story

Our little white Christmas tree is up and I fell in love with the lace and music sheet chains from last year that I continued a similar theme this year...only adding more ribbon for extra fluff!

Lots of lighted tinsel trees...and I love these little candy houses I picked up in South Carolina this year...

I love that all the color pops off the white tree...giving it a candy land-child at heart-feel.

Every year we add more ornaments to our tree.  I buy at least one ornament for my husband and I that reflects our personality or something that happened that year.  I also pick up ornaments throughout the year when we go on vacation or visit new places.  I make sure to write the year and where we were at on the back so that I can look back on it.

I love that our tree tells a story.  They are not just filled with pretty ornaments...but instead each ornament tells about our life and who we are.  I love a home that tells a story and our Christmas tree is no different. 

This year we started our photography business, so I found this DSLR camera ornament at Hobby Lobby and modge podged a photo of us in the view finder!

An ornament from our trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago...

We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary in Lake Tahoe this year and picked up these sweet little bears...

Each year I find a picture frame ornament from that year and put a photo of a memorable moment...here we are again in Lake Tahoe on our six month wedding anniversary...our first weekend away ever {besides our honeymoon}...

And 2009 is when we tied the knot...

Brent gets a tool box...my handy man...

And I have been on the look out for a blogging type of ornament...so a Twitter one had to do...a reflection of this season of blogging...my twitter name.  :)

And who doesn't want to look back and remember what 1990 was like???!

More wedding ornaments...we have quite a few...because they make me so happy!

Our South Carolina trip this year...

And a cute little girl from our honeymoon in Cancun...

I love the memories our Christmas tree holds...it reminds me to be thankful during this busy holiday season and makes me look forward to making other great memories this upcoming new year!

What stories does your Christmas tree tell?

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  1. i loooove your tree! of course, you already know we do this too. :) i was keeping an eye out for your post, i'm glad to finally read it. love it. :)

  2. I absolutely love what you do! So sweet, sentimental, and great memory makers!

  3. Your tree is beautiful. I love collecting ornaments from trips and things. I love being able to put them on the tree and remember fun times and found memories.
    When my husband and I started dating, we began making an ornament every year. You have inspired me to write a blog about that too. :-)

  4. I LOVE all of your color and that your ornaments are sentimental. I like mine to tell a story too. I really need that camera ornament.

  5. I love the ornaments! Very cute! :D

  6. Beyond Fabulous. I love it.

  7. This is absolutely wonderful!

    Soooo elegant...and fun....and bright....and cheerful....and playful....and obviously full of talent AND love!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Hugs,

  8. I praise blog a lot of congratulations for your work and happy friendship navidad:)

  9. I love history type trees too :) We have a lot of ornaments the kids have made over the years!


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