Celebrating Seven Years Together

Our first photo together as a couple.  I remember pulling out my camera and asking for a picture.  He should have known then what he was getting himself into and that this would be one of a million more crazy photos to come! 

Today we are celebrating our seven year "together" anniversary...it was seven years ago today that we officially started this journey together...

We have had lots of adventures in our five years of dating and now our two years of marriage.  Brent gives me a hard time about celebrating our dating anniversary but I still talk him into taking me out to dinner and getting me a sweet card!

Seven years is a long time!  We joke that we can take our sabatical from each other now!  But I couldn't imagine going a day without him being by my side.

We dated what seemed like forever for a girl who wanted to quit her job and be a housewife...but in those years of ups and downs, wondering about if we had found the "one," has taught us so much and given us so much more experience in being together.

For it, I think we have had a better marriage, an easier transition, and a fuller sense that it is each other who we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with.

To some it is silly...I mean, I am writing a post about it even!  But to take a moment and look back...my heart is fuller than had I not.  Sometimes we need to stop and celebrate the little things.  To celebrate our journey.  To remember where we came from in order to see where we are at today.

Married for two years, together for seven.  I am glad we never looked back.