Chillaxin' // dressing down but still rockin it.

I do not dress down that often when we go out and I am trying to incorporate some more laid back looks into my wardrobe.  Sometimes skirts and tights get old and really don't keep you that warm.  So here is my recent efforts at dressing down but still looking pulled together.

I try to always look my best no matter where I am at...the gym, lounging at home, running errands, etc.  In order to abide by this rule, I search for cute and flattering items that fit into all these categories so I don't start walking down that fine line of frump. 

Today's outfit is simple.  Sweatshirt, jeans, and tennies.  Sweatshirts without hoods look much more chic so be on the look out for a fun vintage inspired piece to throw on for those chilly mornings.  Dark jeans are more flattering and can be dressed up with some heels very easily.  And have fun with your shoes.  They by no means have to be high end but look for something in a fun color or with a little sparkle.  It looks like you made effort.

So I took in some of my name brand clothes to Crossroads this week {consignment shop} and got some cash...which I excitedly spent at TJ Maxx where I bought these ca-ute Coach sneakers with {and a small attempt at color blocking...another fashion goal of mine}.  Let me just say that I really like them, like REALLY like them.  But to each her knock off pink sparkly Tom's could also stand well as some old wannabe Converse from Payless Shoes. 

What kind of cute dress down clothes do you wear?

Sweatshirt: VS Pink Semi-Annual Sale // Jeans: DKNY from Macy's // Shoes: Coach from TJ Maxx