Hutch Makeover

My January/before Valentine's Day goal was to get our dining room repainted.  And as you can see I have not blogged about Valentine's Day much yet because I have been over my head with this stuff!  

I am pleased to say that I am finally the sense that the walls and hutch are painted, everything is back to it's proper place, and I am happy with it.  

I have a few things I want to still work with but I am having people come over tomorrow and thought I should probably put away all the excess junk {glue gun, fabric remnants, paint cans, receipts, dirty socks...our house has been a mess!}.

In case you forgot, it looked something like this before...

I found this beautiful little hutch on Pinterest and used it as my hutch inspiration.  Obviously they are not the same, but you can see that I followed the blue, gold, pink, and grey theme.  I even tried painting the doors pink which was a big mistake.  

Since I was not blessed with the same molding and architectural elements, I just went with it...

                              Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

While repainting the hutch, I also seriously simplified our dining room and kitchen...this is now all of my serving dishes.

The house used to be filled with this stuff...and I got rid of a ton of it.  It feels so freeing!

I love that I can now get any serving dish I want without getting on a step stool! 

I actually use it all now because it is not a pain to get to...what a concept!

Love these pink blingy heart knobs I got from Hobby Lobby {because we have one of those now!!!}.  It was my incorporation of pink without being over the top.  I think they look like candy!

I realize it all looks a bit sterile, but I promise to show you the rest of our dining room next week, and the colors all work together well.

I am hoping over time to get a few colored dishes that I can incorporate in this hutch to bring out more color...but I will continue practicing all of my decluttering before I buy anything new!

For paint colors, I used paint I already had that are the same color as some of our walls.  I love that they all tie together throughout the house and that I did not have to buy any new paint! 

It is always so interesting to see how the colors look different in other lights and next to other colors.

Paint Colors:
Doors: Glidden Tropical Surf
Main part of hutch surrounding doors: Glidden Quiet Rain {same color as our living room and bathroom}
Stripes: Glidden Tropical Surf and Pebble Grey {same as stripes in living room}
Gold Embelishments: Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Craft Paint

I am hosting my first clothing swap at my house tomorrow and am very excited!  Today I will be setting up this room all boutique like to fill with fun clothes to swap.  And I am thrilled there is actually tons more room in this room to do such a thing!

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