Hutch Makeover

My January/before Valentine's Day goal was to get our dining room repainted.  And as you can see I have not blogged about Valentine's Day much yet because I have been over my head with this stuff!  

I am pleased to say that I am finally the sense that the walls and hutch are painted, everything is back to it's proper place, and I am happy with it.  

I have a few things I want to still work with but I am having people come over tomorrow and thought I should probably put away all the excess junk {glue gun, fabric remnants, paint cans, receipts, dirty socks...our house has been a mess!}.

In case you forgot, it looked something like this before...

I found this beautiful little hutch on Pinterest and used it as my hutch inspiration.  Obviously they are not the same, but you can see that I followed the blue, gold, pink, and grey theme.  I even tried painting the doors pink which was a big mistake.  

Since I was not blessed with the same molding and architectural elements, I just went with it...

                              Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

While repainting the hutch, I also seriously simplified our dining room and kitchen...this is now all of my serving dishes.

The house used to be filled with this stuff...and I got rid of a ton of it.  It feels so freeing!

I love that I can now get any serving dish I want without getting on a step stool! 

I actually use it all now because it is not a pain to get to...what a concept!

Love these pink blingy heart knobs I got from Hobby Lobby {because we have one of those now!!!}.  It was my incorporation of pink without being over the top.  I think they look like candy!

I realize it all looks a bit sterile, but I promise to show you the rest of our dining room next week, and the colors all work together well.

I am hoping over time to get a few colored dishes that I can incorporate in this hutch to bring out more color...but I will continue practicing all of my decluttering before I buy anything new!

For paint colors, I used paint I already had that are the same color as some of our walls.  I love that they all tie together throughout the house and that I did not have to buy any new paint! 

It is always so interesting to see how the colors look different in other lights and next to other colors.

Paint Colors:
Doors: Glidden Tropical Surf
Main part of hutch surrounding doors: Glidden Quiet Rain {same color as our living room and bathroom}
Stripes: Glidden Tropical Surf and Pebble Grey {same as stripes in living room}
Gold Embelishments: Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Craft Paint

I am hosting my first clothing swap at my house tomorrow and am very excited!  Today I will be setting up this room all boutique like to fill with fun clothes to swap.  And I am thrilled there is actually tons more room in this room to do such a thing!

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  1. Your hutch is amazing! You are super talented! I need some of that creative juice... xo

  2. Looks good! Can't wait to see how you decorate everything for the holidays :)

  3. Ashley! It looks great!!

    I love it, and the hearts are such a great touch. Hobby Lobby rocks!!

    And I LOVE the idea of a clothing swap! That's going to be so fun!


  4. Even though I've been following you for some time, you never cease to amaze -- you are a project machine!

    What kind of gold paint did you use? Is that craft paint or wall paint (or??)?

    Also, where is the Hobby Lobby???? What an exciting development to have one in the timezone. :-)

  5. I have never wanted a hutch until I saw yours! I love it, it is so pretty. Now I'm thinking one would be perfect in the kitchen to free some cabinets (we don't have a pantry).
    Question: do you even paint inside the house?

    1. that is so good to know. I don't have a space to paint but inside, thankfully we have big windows. Any chance you have a post on materials and tips? I think I saw one way back when you painted it the first time.

  6. You did a GREAT job!!! It looks fantastic! Wow.

    I had a swap last year and it was so so much fun! Kelly

  7. Ps I may need some of those hobby lobby knobs too! Kelly

  8. WoW! The GOLD just makes the designs POP! Looks fabulous....I'm feeling inspired to get some little wooden elements to *add* to my tiny little corner hutch...

  9. That just takes my breath away. It's soooo beautiful. I'm officially interested in hiring you to do our new home next year ;) Good luck with your party and I can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen.

  10. So lovely! I am super inspired to tackle painting my dresser now! :) xo K

  11. Like all your pitchers, I started collecting them lately!

  12. Hi Ashley....when I came across your hutch post, i realized that my hutch is the same model as yours! Mine was my mom's when we were growing up in the 70's. Take a peek at to see a different color scheme minus the doors as well. btw, i love your color choices!


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