More Thoughts {and ideas} on High Waisted Shorts

I was quite surprised when I looked at some of my blog stats and found how many hits I got on my last high waisted shorts post from internet searches.  Just goes to show many of us are out there trying to pull off this season's trend...even though it can be quite a difficult and unflattering one for us non-model built ladies!  I found another black...that I am pretty sure they are even more perfect than the last!

Oh, and they were on clearance for $5 at TJ Maxx!!!  Definitely worth bringing home and taking a risk!

I also have to add that when I took these pictures, I chose to be okay with no makeup and hair thrown up with a clip.  Trying to follow my own advice, and be less self consumed and perfect all the time...learning to be proud in my own skin!

So here we go!

Stripes on stripes give them a summery nautical look...

top: Polo from TJ Maxx | sandals: Sears

Dress them up with a slightly tucked in top and heels...

top: Target clearance | heels: Steve Madden from thrift store

This is what I call my office hoochy look...if I worked in an office and was a bit hoochy, I would wear something like this...of course tights would be a more modest option...

top: thrift

And this is where I show a really awkward photo of my backside as it is hard to do when you are taking all the photos by yourself and are too lazy to take out the tripod even though in this picture you can see it leaning against the dresser in the background...

It creates a little bit of a pooch...but can you see why these shorts are so great!?!?!?  An elastic waist band in the back!!!  Yay!  If you have been reading for awhile, you know I am all about elastic!!!

backside: 24 hour fitness ;)

And if you don't want to tuck in, high waisted shorts cover up your mid drift on shorter lengthed tops...{there's that darn tripod again!}

top: thrift

top: thrift

Here are my other shorts I shared before...loving this new striped shirt I picked up recently...

shorts: H&M

And the same shorts covered up with a longer lengthed shirt...

top: hand me down

Many options and many looks...have I persuaded you to give them a try yet?  :)