Looking back...

Every once in awhile I go back and read the post I wrote for my wedding day...and the post sharing about the wedding day.  Each time I am moved...not by the pictures {though those move me very often as they are all over our house}, not by my words, not by our love {again moves me but...}.

Instead I am moved by your words.

It makes me smile to see familiar names and faces in the comment section.  I remember you all.  Many of you are still around {thank you!}...some come and go...and a few of you I miss as I know you have taken a break from blogging.  But nonetheless it takes me back to when I first started blogging...to when I first feel in love...and when I first started sharing my story online. 

There are days I want to just drop my blog...or days I get frustrated with comparisons...get overwhelmed by life...or something.

I know these are all only discouragments that keep me from continuing something I love.

And then I read your words...on the biggest day of my life.  And I am reminded how much you care.  How you anxiously followed along.

I scheduled a post with our engagement photos as well as heart felt overflowing words for my beloved on the day of our wedding.  And I remember waking up that morning and reading some of the comments before I started getting ready.

And the tears poured.

I remember being so moved...so encouraged...ready to start my day with a big hug from my blogging friends.

Because of all the things I could have done the day of my wedding...I wanted to check in with you all. 

Words matter.  Words speak to the heart.  

Though I love when you stop by to say you love the new gallery wall...or you want to know where I got that dress...or how long to leave that recipe in the crock pot...it is being known and being cared for that keeps me coming back to this blog.


  1. I love this! I love hearing about your life! I enjoy your fashion and decorating posts, but my favorite are the ones where you share your heart. :)You guys are such a sweet couple.

  2. I love reading your blog and all about your adventures. I feel the same way too about my blog. Keep writing and trust me- we are reading :) PS- I love your wedding photos- Just beautiful!

  3. Wow, how beautiful... you're absolutely right, the friends we make in blogging can be extra powerful in life because they seem to know how to use words. I look forward to reading comments too, getting to know people through those little glimpses. How cool that your blogging friends walked with you on those special days!! Awesome. Looking forward to reading those wedding posts now! LOL

  4. I will never get tired to tell you that you and your husband are a beautiful couple! We have never met in person but just watching at all your pics together I can feel the joy and love that you both share. And thank you for sharing with us :)

  5. You were one of the first blogs I followed and I remember loving your wedding posts! I love the dream that one day I'll be blissfully domestic like you, your a great wife, keep a beautiful home, and throw great parties!

  6. I get it! I really do. Most of the bloggers I found in the very beginning are still blogging now and I feel like we all truly "know" each other now. I mourn for them when they lose loved ones, and celebrate with them during their pregnancies, and laugh with them daily. It is so true - you can never have too many friends!

  7. I remember the day you got married, as silly as it may sound, I really do! I was still in nursing school and planning my own wedding. I had been looking at all of your planning posts... often during class (guilty). The day of your wedding, I was showing your posts to my husband (fiance at the time), talking about it all like I had planned it with you! Thank you for sharing! And I still love your wedding photos! :D

  8. Aw this is such a sweet post! I'm glad I found your blog :)

  9. You have an incredible knack for making your blog posts feel like us readers are sitting down with you at your kitchen table with a cup of tea. I think that kind of connection is difficult to convey across a computer screen and that is why people can empathise with you.

    On another note, the picture of the two of you on the beach with the purple/yellow background in absolutely magical! (both of them)

  10. Oh, you were such a GORGEOUS bride! Such beautiful photos! I loved sharing my wedding on my blog too and going back and reading all the sweet comments. Blogging is the BEST!

  11. Love your blog and all of your inspirations, however, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You sound kinda insecure. I feel anxious alot too, about everyday stuff. Hate that feeling. Just do what you love and enjoy blogging. We are reading!! And do not be anxious!

    1. Being a person with many insecurities myself, i appreciate you sharing yours from time-to-time. Nice to know I am not alone. I love the way you share how you work through them. It is very inspiring and encouraging!


  12. I remember when you announced being engaged :) it has been a pleasure to get to learn from and about you :)


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