Pizza Ring Recipe

Just wanted to pop in today to let you know I am over at Ducks in a Row today guest posting for Laurel who just had baby number three!!!  I am so happy for Laurel and her family and it is my pleasure to share a recent recipe with her readers today as she spends some time with her dear family right now!

So please hop on over, send your congrats to Laurel, and check out this amazing little pizza ring I came up with recently!  You might even still have to time to make it for dinner tonight!  Easy peasy!!! 


  1. What font did you use on that first photo? I like it!

  2. Pizza Ring Recipe is my favorite and I'm a big poke of it. Have not any week I was not tasted it. Thanks dude. :)

  3. HI!! I just wanted to say hello from Laurel's blog!! The pizza ring looks GREAT! I make the same thing only it's taco ring! It's yummy too! :):)


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