Seven Inspiring Things for Spring

Today my friend Veronica and I are swapping posts today on the blog!  We each are sharing seven of our favorite things right now that are inspiring us this Spring.  Hope you will join us and share your own Spring inspirations!

Hi!! I'm Veronica and I blog over at Life In The Thrifty Lane. So glad to be here today to share with you 7 thing that inspires me during Spring time:


I love tulips! They make me so happy, and totally scream Spring to me! I took this picture the other day when we visited the Conservatory and Botanical Garden at the Bellagio in Vegas. Love them in a white pitcher on the table.


This year it went from really cold to really hot in a jiffy! I really feel like making lots of delicious smoothies now that the weather is nice and warm. 


With the warm weather here it is also the time to add lovely colors at your nails.  I like all those fresh colors for Spring. 


Nope, unfortunately that is not my patio!! But would love to be there and have breakfast outside. Warm sun + fresh air + nice view = picture perfect!


My mom was Italian and basically I spent most of my life there until my parents decided to move back in the States in 1998. The "Colomba" is a sweet bread that you eat during Easter time in Italy. Kind of like the Panettone during Chirstmas.  We alway had this during Spring time, my favorite one was the one with a strawberry cream filling...delicious! 


I have a confession: in almost 34 years I bought my first pair of flats a few weeks ago! Yup!! They are yellow.  And now I just cannot stop wearing them! Love all those colors above.


Spring is also the time when you feel like cleaning the house all day (kind of!!), open the windows to let the fresh air in as soon as you wake up and add bright colors in the house. I personally like whites for my bedding and maybe a touch of light green or aqua. 

Well folks, I hope I gave you some Spring inspiration too today! Hope you will stop by my blog for a visit and say Hi (or Ciao!!) 


Thanks so much to Veronica for sharing her Spring inspiration with us today!  I think I need to go make myself a smoothie now!!!  Please hop on over and tell Veronica well as read about what is inspiring me this Spring!

What is inspiring you this Spring?