Inspiration on Style, Fashion, Beauty and Living Life Well

Today I am joining BlogHer to answer the Life Well Lived Looking Your Best question:

What are your favorite resources for inspiration on style, fashion, beauty and living life well?

I go through seasons of where I find inspiration.  I recently decided to step back from Pinterest which was a huge source of inspiration for me for awhile.  But by unplugging a bit this summer to spend my long summer days taking bike rides and making homemade ice cream, I still want something that fills my creative juices and keeps me motivated to take good care of myself this summer all the while taking some time away from the computer.

So I have been picking up magazines again.  I had to step away for awhile because I was tearing out too many pages and letting it take up too much room in our home.  But I go at it differently now.  I read.  And then I recycle.  Inspiring but not taking over my life.

Summer seems to be a natural motivator to keep my body in shape and eat well so I have been reading a lot of women's health and fitness magazines {Women's Health and Shape are some of my faves right now}.  They are a bit of a splurge paying magazine stand prices but I decided that a few a month were the summer treat I needed.

Sitting with a tall glass of lemonade and reading on my hammock is the perfect relaxing, unplugging, but still inspiring activity I am enjoying this summer.

I am trying new work outs, eating healthy and fresh recipes, and incorporating this summer's trends with what I already have in my closet.

What inspires your beauty routine right now?

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