31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 7--A Pretty Little Corner

My husband recently spotted this glorious chair on the side of the road for free.  I have always wanted a pretty little sitting chair and this one was just perfect.  It took me awhile to settle on a place for it because this pretty little chair is actually quite gigantic.  But I finally found a place.

Please excuse my "sexy" book.  It is actually The Science of Sexy, a very good book that I love, on dressing for your body type but I realize in this photo it could look a little sketchy! 

I think that it is important to the heart of the home to have pretty little spaces.  It does not need to be magazine worthy but I think it is valuable to find joy in the beauty of your home.  Places to sit and read or journal so that your heart has a place to breathe.  

I have more of a tendency to be too concerned about the prettynness of my home to take care of other things but perhaps you are the opposite.  You might struggle with being consumed with the "must-do" of the home that you do not take the time to make it a pretty place for you and your family to enjoy.

And once you make that pretty little corner.  Enjoy it.  Do not just look at it.  Live in it.  Be home.  Spend time with your family.  Invite people in.

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  1. Great styling of this sweet little space! I love that the "sexy" book is right above one about "push up pops." I'm literally laughing out loud :) This looks like a great spot to hang out with a book and a hot chocolate.

  2. ola sou brasileira vivo em Portugal e sigo seu programa na casa club tv amo de paixão você e muito linda e e inteligente! parabéns!

  3. So beautiful AND magazine worthy! I love this corner, and way to go husband for spotting such a gem!!!

  4. "be home". Yes, what's the point of creating a beautiful home if we are always rushing here, there, and everywhere? I'm working on this :)

  5. Fabulous chair! Love that is was free? I need to drive down your streets more often!


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