A Simpler Christmas

This year I am taking things a bit more simply.  But when I say simple it means finding the few things that are really important to me this year and making time for them and then letting go of the rest.

This year I am looking forward to decorating.  Whether simple of over the top (haven't quite decided yet!) both will take time and energy and I look forward to the creative process.

We have our annual holiday dessert party.  I look forward to getting the house ready and letting all the guests bring the dessert!

I look forward to blogging about Christmas decor and creating vignettes.  Taking pictures of all that hard work decorating is rewarding to me.

Brent and I have a nice dinner downtown planned where we will be able to dress up and enjoy the Christmas sites.  A date night out takes me back to the many Christmases we spent together dating.

Most of my Christmas shopping was purposefully planned and completed in November.  So that will not even be a slight worry. 

And that is it.  We may make time for looking at Christmas lights.  I might bake.  I might make a new craft.  But I might not...and that's okay.

And it is so freeing.

It's not like I won't enjoy the season...instead I am being pickier about what is important and choosing to not stress about the rest.  Because a season that is not stressful is much more enjoyable than one that is overly busy.  And I am very much looking forward to it.

// What is on the important list for you this holiday season?