Moving the Bed to the Other Wall--Bedroom Makeover

After stenciling and repainting our master bedroom, I left it as is for awhile.  No decorations.  Just the simplicity of a newly painted room.  It was nice to live with if for awhile and not force myself to add things.  This proved to serve me well as one day while I was picking up our room I decided to try moving our bed to the only other available wall.

We originally had our bed on this wall when we first got married but it only stayed there for a short time.  Moving it to this wall seemed against all I had believed about the wall before and why I moved it to where it has been for the last three years.  But for some reason I had new eyes for that wall and thought I would give it a try. 

Before when we had the bed on this wall it made the room seem smaller.  Yet this time it opened up the room and I was even able to add a desk.  I got rid of one of our small night stands which allowed for a little extra space.  But I would have never imagined I would be able to fit a desk in our tiny bedroom.

It just goes to show that even if you tried it before, you just never know until you try it again.  The bed area definitely feels more cozy as this wall is smaller but I actually like it that way.  It welcomes me to jump into bed and just lay there.  Which I did after I finished redecorating.  You know you made a good design choice when you just want to lay there and stare at it all day.

I would not normally think to put a desk in our room but it makes for an extra space to store jewelry and numerous times now I have worked on my laptop in here.  It's kind of nice.  And almost hotel-ish feeling.  I really love it.

It's hard to get a good shot of our entire room since it is so small so I took a few pictures in the reflection of the mirror to give you a better idea.  Plus you can experience my view from when I lay and stare in bed!  And you might notice our chandelier is not centered.  It may just stay that way for awhile because you don't really notice unless I take a ton of pictures and post it on the internet for all to see and scrutinize.  Realistically it will not be moved any time soon so I thought I would share about it as is!  It's going to drive some of you crazy now, isn't it.  Sorry!  And that is a speaker above the door.  We have speakers in almost every room of the house because I like it to feel all dance party all the time.

We do store our board games under our bed.  They don't get used much but after taking these pictures I decided I would like to find another place for them eventually.  At least there are no kitchen supplies under there since I preach against it.  But another proud moment is that I no longer store seasonal clothing under the bed.  I cut back on my clothes enough where everything fits in the closet.  Because surely a girl should only need one full length closet to herself, right?

I loved using our night stands to serve as decorative spots.  In one corner is a little collection of frames and a framed free monogram I printed.

In the other corner, I hung my book page wreath along with some pretties and a frame of me and my sweetheart.  I love that these few pieces brought in some pink and turquoise giving the room a little more color.

By the desk is a little collection of photos, art, prints, and my one and only half marathon bib

My jewelry cork board also serves as extra storage and wall art.

Besides sleeping and spending time with my husband in this space, I find I am enjoying working in here as well as hanging out and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls in bed (rough life, huh).  There is also quite a bit more space at the foot of the bed for my nephew to play when I am putting away laundry.  A multifunctional space that I love is making the most of our small space.  Perhaps this needs to be my goal of every room in our house...I will work on be continued.

--A + B prints from Hobby Lobby.
--Curtains from Ikea--RITVA.
--Bedding from Target's Simply Shabby Chic line.
--Curtain Rods from Umbra (Found some at Ross for our dining room and ordered more for our bedroom.  Ross was much cheaper.  But worth it to get one more from Umbra).
-And yes, we still sleep on a futon!