No Brainer SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs

No brainer SEO tips for Blogger blogs
After plugging my ears every time I heard this all too familiar blogging word, I recently decided it was time I gave SEO (search engine optimization) a chance.  I have heard about it but the concept seemed just too confusing to understand.  After reading a helpful post on SEO and doing some research, I think I have it a little more figured out.

So today my goal is to help those of you learning about this for the first time, just like me, understand SEO and apply it to a Blogger blog.  It actually is pretty easy.  If it wasn't I would not even bother to take the time to share this with you!  Breathe deeply.  Holding hands--we can do this together!

In a nutshell, SEO is search engine optimization.  In a non complicated version this means there are certain things you can adjust to your posts to make it more likely to come up in a search engine (i.e. when people Google a search word, whether or not your related post comes up).  Of course great content is always key at finding new readers, but these tips and tricks will help bring your posts higher up in search engines resulting in more people finding your content.

Here are my no brainer tips on SEO specific to Blogger blogs (some of these tips you only have to do once and they are permanently set up while others should be done every time you post):


This is where you add a description of your blog and the general topics you post about.  You want to include search words that people will search for that fit what you blog about.

How to find it (You can see a visual of these directions here including screenshots of what these pages look like):
-Open up blogger dashboard
-Meta Tags>Edit
-Click "yes" to enable search description and add in a description.  My description says:
I included my name because I want it associated with my blog but you don't have to if you want it to be private.  I included the tagline for my blog as well as four topics I blog about the most.  I also choose to include home decor and decorating as both could be searched for.

RENAME YOUR PHOTOS (every time you post):

By changing the name of your photos, this is yet another easy way for your images and post to be found in a search engine.  I edit all of my photos.  All of them.  And I know many of you don't.  And I get it.  It took me awhile to get on the editing bandwagon but it really does make a difference.  The reason I say this is because in my opinion, renaming your images is most easily done during the editing process.  But if this is still way over your head, you can still rename your photos within your blog post draft.

SEO tips for blogger blogs

How to do edit image names:
-Upload your photo into your post
-Put your mouse over the photo and click on "Properties"
-The box above comes up.  You can now include a new title for your image as well as alternate text.  Both of these names need to be descriptive of your post and can be the same exact name.  For example, if you did a fabric wreath tutorial you should name your image and alt text "fabric wreath tutorial."  I cannot explain why they both should be the same, but they are both important and should be edited.  If you are smarter than me, you can read this post that explains the importance of the two.

Whatever you rename your photos will also be the description that comes up when someone pins your image on Pinterest which can be helpful in encouraging the likelihood of it getting repinned!


In Blogger draft, on the right side is your post settings.  This is where you add labels and can schedule your posts.  There is also a place where it says "search description."  This is where you want to give a brief description of your post.

"How to make a fall inspired fabric wreath."

SEO tips for blogger blogs


Your blog name can also include a few key words that describes your blog that will help it being found via search engine.

-Open up Blogger dashboard
-Title: include your blog name and some descriptive words about your blog.

Mine says:
"Domestic Fashionista | Creative Homemaking, Home Decor, DIY, Entertaining, Simple Living"

Our photography website includes names of cities we are nearby so that when someone looks for a "Sacramento area photographer" we will come up:
"Urke Photography | Sacramento, Roseville, Northern California Wedding-Family Photography"

INCLUDE KEY WORDS IN YOUR TEXT (every time you post):

Throughout your post you want to use some key words that will help describe your post.  So for example, you will want to use "fabric wreath tutorial" throughout the post including:

-Post title
-Include the key words in your first paragraph of the post
-Search description (what I just mentioned above)
-In your photo title and alt text (as mentioned earlier)
-In the permalink--your URL can be customized which can also be found on the right "post settings" sidebar of your draft.
-A few times throughout your post (you don't want to overdue it with the key words so that you don't lose the quality of your content but a few times should be good enough without sacrificing it)

// If your head is spinning right now, it's okay!  I know it is easy to put these things off but the sooner you learn the better off your blog will be.  Remember that you do not have to have it all figured out but hopefully this can be a platform for some of you to learn more about SEO.  The internet can be your friend and answer all kinds of technical questions when it comes to blogging.  Don't be afraid to research.  Every time I look up some helpful blogging information I want to remember for later, I often pin it to my Blogging Pinterest board.  Check it out for some more helpful blogging tips! 

I would love to hear, any other SEO tips or suggestions out there?

And if you are ready to take the jump into learning more about SEO, this post is a great resource.

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