Christmas Shaped Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Christmas Shaped Pancakes

Last year my husband and I started the tradition of making Christmas shaped pancakes for Christmas Eve morning.  Since we are busy splitting Christmas day between our two families, we have made it a point to spend Christmas Eve with just the two of us.

We stepped it up a notch this year in our Christmas pancake shape making by using cookie cutters after Seventeen Magazine featured our pancakes from last year on their website this holiday season.  It's a running joke that they chose to feature Brent's pancake over mine.  You might say there was a bit more of a friendly competition between the two of us when it came to making something unique and creative.  I have never seen my husband so serious in the kitchen!  It pretty much made the day for me!

Here are a few of the little scenes we came up with using snacks we had around the kitchen as well as plenty of leftover candy from my gingerbread house making party.  I am pretty reliable in making my creations file under the cute department...

While my husband on the other hand thought a little more outside of the box...

Before and after maple syrup...

And then we feasted.  Nothing like early morning sugar on top of sugar!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!  I am still recuperating from being sick and hope to get some cleaning and organizing done before the new year.  My husband has a little over a week off from work so no promises!  We are enjoying our lounge time and spending time with family who are visiting from out of town.  But whether early or late I will be joining in on the fun of looking back at 2012 as well as looking forward to 2013.  Be back soon!  xo


  1. Oh my word! You guys are going to make the best parents ever! Our kids would love a morning like that! Love your PJs too!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just had my husband make us the snowman pancakes recently. We usually cheat with cookie cutters, but we make them circle and then cut them out. I like baking them IN the cookie cutter. Genius! And I love that your husband is sweet enough to be photographed for these. Mine is still not quite as enthusiastic about my photography interest... we'll get there. Hopefully.


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