8 Years Ago + An Update

Today we are celebrating eight years together--our eight year dating anniversary.  Do you still celebrate your dating anniversary?  At least at this point in life we still do.  We were together for almost five years before we got married so this day still means a lot to me.  We got to know each other very well during our dating years and hashed out a lot of things.  I believe those five years have made our marriage so much easier.

This photo is the first one we ever took together.  I still remember standing outside his parent's house and he was walking me to my car.  I pulled out my 35 mm film camera and insisted now that we were dating we needed a picture together.  It was just the beginning of many pictures to come.  Did I also mention he was my first and only boyfriend ever?  Wowzers.  And I cannot believe it was almost a decade ago.

*To update you on the computer situation, we were able to salvage everything off of our old hard drive and are in the process of getting everything running and organized again.  Now that I have all my photos back I am hoping to get back to normal blogging this week.  Thanks for the well wishes, prayers, and patience.  It was a crazy week and I am so thankful everything is now back in order. 

Off to stuff my face in a big ol' ice cream sundae with my sweetie.  Looking forward to catching up with you all again this week!  xo