Faux Fur Covered Bar Stools

Since I changed up our dining room last fall, I have been wanting to find some bar stools for our kitchen bar.  I found these bar stools at a steal for $6 each at the Goodwill.  They are not tall enough for our extra tall bar but for $6 I thought they would work as a set "for now".  Plus I have been looking for an excuse to cover something with fur.  Fur bar stools?  Um, yes please.

I found some faux white fur at Joann's and with a coupon, purchased a few yards for about $5.  The seat was pretty easy to cover.  I just covered the top and staple gunned it underneath like you would any recovered chair seat.

I left the screws sticking out of the seat cushion so that I could find the holes again when it came to reassembling the chair.

The back of the chair was a little trickier to cover as I had to cover both sides.  Fur is an amazing medium to work with as the fur is very forgiving.  I was able to hot glue the fur onto the back cushion without worrying about trying to create a clean edge.  Because the fur just sort of falls into each other there was no extra finishing I had to do. 

I started with the front of the cushion, hot gluing it up the the edges with the existing piping.

Then I cut off any extra fabric hanging off the edges.

I then folded the fur over to cover the back side.

I cut the fur right up to the edge of the other piece and hot glued it on.

See how it just glues right up next to each other?  So easy.  When I got to the corner I just tucked it in and trimmed any excess fur and glued it down.

By the way, it's really tricky to take pictures with one hand while holding down hot glued fur with the other.  Please be impressed.

After I reassembled the chair, I vacuumed.  Fur gets everywhere by the way.  It also helps to vacuum your chair to get any extra fur off so it doesn't get all over your bum when you sit on it.

And there they are...my furry little bar stools.  And all for under $20.

fur covered bar stools
fur covered bar stools
fur covered bar stools

And really fur or no fur, it's been a silly little dream of mine to serve breakfast from the bar.  Having a place for people to sit, eat, and hang out while I cook makes my domesticated heart extremely happy.

In case you decide to cover something with fur, The Nester also has a great tutorial and video explaining how.  She takes on a similar strategy and the video really helps.  Furrylicious!