Amazing Skinny Chocolate Pudding Mousse

Amazing Skinny Chocolate Pudding Mousse Recipe--110 calories!

I have to start off this post by saying I love mousse.  Like I start drooling when I see it and would most likely pick it over any other dessert.  The thing is that mousse is not like pie.  It's not everywhere you go, thus making my love affair for it even stronger.  So when I say this is delicious, believe it.  I know mousse is not for everyone, but if you are fan, know this... 

This mousse has replaced ice cream in my heart.  And at 110 calories I am pretty happy about that.

Amazing Skinny Chocolate Pudding Mousse Recipe--110 calories!

The ingredients are so simple.  I make a batch and then eat it in a couple of days and then I just make it again. 

Skinny Chocolate Pudding Mousse

Sugar free instant pudding (1.4 ounce box)

2 cups non-fat milk (I use lactose free kind as almond and soy milk do not hold up the pudding well)

3/4 cup fat free whipped topping

// Mix milk and pudding according to box instructions.  Let pudding set in the refrigerator.  Mix pudding with whipped topping and divide into 4 bowls.

Makes four 3/4 cup servings
110 calories/serving

*My favorite flavors are chocolate and white chocolate.  AMAZING.