How to Make a Fabric Rolled Flower Necklace

Fabric Rolled Flower Necklace Tutorial

For this years Valentine's Tea I hosted with some of my girlfriends, we made fabric rolled flower necklaces.  It seemed like just the right amount of girly for a Valentine's themed party.  As like all craft days, I love seeing how everyone adds their own personal flair to the project, creating different but similar pieces.  For this project, the girls had the choice of making a necklace, bobby pin, or pin for their clothes.

Supplies needed:

-Fabric strips for each flower: depending on how big of a flower you want, measure anywhere from 35-50 inches.  Mine for the necklaces were approximately 40 inches.  Depending on the type of fabric you use will provide different results.  For my flower necklaces I used flannel which was very easy to work with as well as created a nice and flat flower.  

-Hot glue gun

-Fabric scissors

-Chain or ribbon for a necklace

-Felt for backing of flowers

*I have a much more in depth tutorial on making fabric rolled flowers that add some additional pictures and details in case needed.

Cut fabric strips to desired length (35-50 inches) and about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide (it's width determines how high the flower stands up).  Tie a not at one end and fold the remaining fabric over.

Roll your fabric around the knot twice and then continue rolling, flipping the fabric over every few turns (picture below). 

Keep on rolling and flipping, adding hot glue every few times around.

Once you get to the end, glue one more time and then fold your fabric down on the backside of the flower and glue again.

To adhere your flowers together, glue down your flowers to a piece of felt and cut out the felt to match the shape of your necklace.  This is a little tricky to do but it doesn't need to be perfect.  Once glued down to the felt, you will also want to put some glue in between each flower so that they are glued to each other (as pictured above).

As you can see I had to cut around the felt so it did not show on the front side.  In order to reinforce the necklace so it would be more stiff, I layered and glued more felt on top.

Two layers of felt made a huge difference giving the necklace more strength and to sit on your neck correctly.

To finish off the necklace, glue either a chain or some ribbon on to the end of the felt and then cover with one more piece of felt to cover the chain.

Fabric Rolled Flower Necklace Tutorial

Absolutely stunning, right?!  I am obsessed with them!  I have already made a pink and turquoise one and have a few more colors on my to do list!

To get some more ideas from what the other girl's did, here are their projects...

Polka dot bobby pins...

Mustard and yellow are the cutest color combinations!

Pins to adhere to a shirt or sweater.

Fabric Rolled Flower Necklace Tutorial

And another necklace with two different sizes of flowers!

Making rolled flowers are incredibly easy.  It feels a little weird at first but once you make one, you will have it down!  The ideas are endless in what you can make and they make the most perfect accessories!