Vintage & Feminine Valentine's Day Tea Party

Valentine's Day Tea

This weekend I hosted my annual Ladies' Valentine's Day Tea, one of my favorite parties full of feminine details and plenty of pink and red hearts.  Though I adore my husband, there is something special about celebrating this lovely holiday with girlfriends who appreciate all the delicate details.

I already had my Valentine's Day decorations up in our dining room so all I had left to set up was our table.  In order to have a bigger table for doing a craft while still having a centerpiece, I brought in a folding table and put it up against our dining table and then covered them with white tablecloths. 

I had to balance my vases staggered between the two uneven tables but once it also held doilies and paper hearts, you couldn't even notice.  

I gathered pink and white flowers that I picked up the day before from my mom's flower shop and using a few blue vases added just enough pop of color to break up all the pink and red.

For the runner, I laid down music sheet paper taped together and then layered doilies and lace on top.  The more I layered the fuller the centerpiece became for the small amount of items I used on such a large table.

To continue making the table look more full, I put two pieces of music paper underneath each place setting.  I used a similar strategy for my birthday lunch last year and it is a quick and easy way to dress up a table.

Each girl took home a little mason jar of conversation hearts decorated with a paper heart and baker's twine.

Along with our tea, I also made us brunch.  On the menu was heart shaped cinnamon rolls.  They were very easy to make by just combining refrigerated cinnamon rolls into a heart shape and then baking.

Heart shaped cinnamon rolls
Heart shaped cinnamon rolls

I also make fruit and yogurt parfaits layering granola, vanilla yogurt, and fresh berries.  So simple yet so delicious!  It was the perfect little brunch treat!

Granola, yogurt, and fruit parfait

To finish it all off, I also made a baked oatmeal dish which consists of chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and walnuts.  It's pretty amazing and I often make it for myself and just graze on it all day.  You can find the recipe for it here.

Once the food was ready and the girls would soon arrive, I lit all of the candles and we were ready to tea it up!

We had a lovely tea, brunch and craft time.  We made fabric flower accessories, and you might be able to get a sneak peek if you can spot them on some of the girls below.  Full tutorial and details will come later this week!

Happy Valentine's Day week!  It really is my favorite holiday!

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  1. great photography!... I almost feel like I was there.
    everything is gorgeous

  2. What a beautiful party idea! It looks like so much fun, and I love the little mason jars. What a nice way to show your love for your friends.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful, fun party!

  4. Where in the world does your husband disappear to during all of these girl parties?! Also, I LOVE the pretty music placements. Such a nice touch. Happy early Valentine's Day!

  5. where did you get your lovely sweater? beautiful party too:)

  6. This is the cutest thing ever! I love it!

  7. These are gorgeous photos Ashley! All the details are so lovely, but I think the blue glass vases on the table really adds that extra punch. Also, I really like the mismatch dishes over the music sheets. You're sense of style is wonderful. I did a table for valentines but it was all shades of pink and red. I think next time I'll use a bold color.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)


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