Painted Archway & Beauty Drawer Organzing Tip

painted archway

I recently stumbled upon this photo and just about fainted.  Painted archway?  How easy and clever is that?  I have just the archway that could use a little sass (please forgive my old photo I took while in the process of painting our dining room "almost white").

So what do you think?!  My first thought was typical...turquoise...even pink or coral...or navy.  But the blues and pinks seem to be my always go to color.  What about black?  Or even something unexpected like emerald green?!  GOLD?!?  Because if I am going to go crazy, this is probably the safest place to go nuts.  Simple easy paint job.  And my always changing mind can definitely repaint it multiple times a year...okay, maybe just once a year...trying to break some bad habits here...

I am dying to hear what you all think...!?!?!?

organized jewelry and makeup drawer

On another note, today I am over at Living Savvy sharing a quick tip about organizing what I like to call my "beauty drawer".  Hope you will join me over there today! 

And, yes, those are yellow pillows on my bed.  Trying to add some more greens and yellows to the house to break up my pink and blue addiction.  Thus my painted archways.  Green?  Would that be too crazy?  According to my shirt, green could be a nice pop of color.  Please weigh in.