Decorating With Houseplants

Decorating with Houseplants

Decorating with houseplants was a struggle for me for awhile.  Between being uncomfortable with incorporating green into my home and then keeping the plants alive, it took time to figure out what worked for me.  I love having fresh cut flowers in our home but unless we are having some sort of party, they became another thing to take care of, clean up, and eventually throw away.  I love flowers but I want low maintenance beauty in my home.  In come house plants to add a little life to the inside of our home. 

As with any design element, I have tried a variety of plants to find out which ones work best in my home, with my personality (how often I am willing to water), and which ones work best with our decor.  I find that I like smaller bunches of lots of leaves.  I don't like things too overgrown and I want them to add a variety of texture and height. 

I also look to how I can use fun containers to add decoration but aren't just another thing sitting on the counter.  I love this swan container I found that used to belong to my grandmother.  A story and a quirky element to the home?  Perfection.

My succulents aren't looking too hot in some of these photos but I promise I have been watering them once a week and they are looking even better now!


My recent go to items for vignettes has been books and vases.  I use the books we already have to add height and serve as a neutral background while using vases that can either be filled with plants or occasional cuts of leaves or flowers from our yard.  Vases are so versatile and timeless that they are easy to move around the house and can add a little color where needed.  Plus vases can double as things like a pen holder or whatnot.  The more versatile the better for my ever changing home decor.

This succulent in a dairy cow is quite possibly the loveliest thing I have ever come up with.  How could you not love this little guy!?  

As for watering I have found that as the weather is starting to get warmer my plants and succulents need a little water once a week.  I know that in different circumstances plants thrive on a different routine but if I don't water once a week they start looking pretty sad so the consistency keeps them looking their best!

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// Do you use houseplants in your home?  What is your go to container?