A Few Design Trends on a Budget

Design Trends on a Budget

I have recently found myself loving a few design trends that I didn't necessarily like the first time I saw them.  Anyone relate?  I usually have to see it a few times, and then a favorite home decor blogger jumps on board, and then I get sold on it. 

A friend of mine recently told me that she will see new ideas in my home and then the next time she is on Pinterest, suddenly she is seeing a ton of it everywhere (a great compliment, by the way!).  Sometimes our eyes don't really see the trends pass in front of our face pin after pin until we see it somewhere that we really like it.  And usually then, I just cannot get enough.

One of my recent style crushes has been on these spotted prints.  I am seeing it used in a lot in fabrics, like Kristen from The Hunted Interior framed above.  

DIY spotted black and white print

So I decided to make my own version using a piece of paper and some black paint.  Perhaps one of the easiest things I have ever done.  Alongside is an updated yellow lamp shade from Target, a little greenery, and a metallic ball of shininess.

Another trend I am loving is the fiddle leaf fig tree.  These are everywhere!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

And for good reason because they are beautiful!  My original inspiration came from Emily Henderson's house, though you can find these pretty trees all over blogland and design sites.

The thing is these trees are expensive.  The only sources I found priced them at about $90-100.  That was a little too steep for my budget especially for an indoor plant I had no guarantee I could keep alive.  I would still grab one up if I could find it in the $60 range, but until then I found a little baby one at Home Depot for $15.  At $15 this was low risk and could very well be replaced if I did find a full size one at the deal of the century.  So while these are slow growers, it will be awhile before it is full grown, but just having it in this small version is making me happy!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

They do well with some sun and placed right next to our sliding glass door, hopefully one day they will creep their way up and over towards the sun like this one (source unknown):

So they may not be perfect or exactly on trend, but I am happy to have a few of my favorite designer styles in my own home without breaking the bank!

// What design trends are you loving right now?