Multifunctional Office and Playroom

Multifunctional Office and Playroom

This post is about four years in the making.  My craft room/office has been sort of a mess since we got married.  It literally took me four years to purge all my craft supplies to where it is now.  Year by year I got rid of another layer of stuff.  I never blogged about it because it would only stay organized for about a day.  It was the catchall project room and was never blog worthy. 

But today is a different story.  There are two major factors to the success of this clean, organized, and finally pretty office and playroom space.  The first factor is my nephew.  He would tippy-toe himself around things sprawled out on the floor whenever we came in here.  I wanted a place where I could work but he could also play.  Having room for him and a few of his things required me to get rid of more of my stuff.

The second factor was paint.  This room has been about half way done for over a month now.  It wasn't until I bit the bullet and decided to paint the walls from the original house color that I forced myself to finish this room and not just leave it at good enough.  I love good enough but this room was long overdue for finished.  

And can I please say how happy I am that I finally finished this room!  Not only do I get to use it without things piling up but it is actually beautiful!  A beautiful room all to myself for blogging, editing pictures, and spending time with my nephew.  It's a dream come true.  I have an office.  It feels chic and professional and seriously makes me take my work more seriously.  It's kind of amazing what a well designed space can do. 

I painted the walls in Devine Pique.  It is a lovely shade of white that makes the room feel airy and allows the art on the walls to pop.  

I filled up the walls with photos I love as well as a whole new collection of art prints.  There are way too many to source here, so if you are interested, all the prints can be found on my gallery wall Pinterest board.

I am quite proud of the two canvases I painted--the heart and ampersand (inspired by Kristen's knock off of Kate Spade) add color and dimension to this wall.  I also picked up a card to frame from our recent trip to Stinson Beach.  I am now on the look out for prints of places we visit to add to our gallery walls.

A few paper flowers from West Elm.

I found this little table at a thrift store that I painted for my nephew to use.  Next to it is a side of the road bookshelf I picked up to store extra supplies and a few shelves for my nephew's toys.  

Next to my desk are a few photos and art to decorate my work space.

The opposite wall holds a larger gallery wall of inspiring colors and prints.  The pink theme makes this space feel extra girly.

One of my favorite Jones Design Company prints decorates the bookcase where I also store my current library books stack.

The chandelier I have had for awhile and is also another side of the road find.  Curtains are the same as the ones we have in the rest of the house from Ikea.

The dresser holds all of my office and craft supplies.  My goal for this room was to downsize so that all my things could fit into one piece of furniture.  It took some time and a little creative organizing but I finally got it all to fit!  The dresser I had growing up.  I recently added L brackets to make it look like a campaign chest.  I am still on the look for the perfect gold pulls.  

I needed to be realistic in finding a place for my sewing machine and printer since they take up so much room but couldn't be stored away on a regular basis.  Keeping the dresser clean and styled, allows these pieces to be out without creating an eyesore.

I put up a few more pictures hanging from clothes pins on the mirror.  It adds a little color as well as provides a place for me to change out photos and inspirational art.

Brent wrote me a song when he proposed and I have the words printed and framed nearby.

And here is the playroom in use.  My nephew loves to be in this room and plays really well independently when I am not too far away.  I am so glad this space has proven to work out well for the both of us.

This room really would not have been pulled together without a little help and accountability.  I am forever thankful to Devine Color for providing the paint for this beautiful room.  Not only do they offer beautiful paint choices but their Color Discovery Cards allowed me to pick out a color best fit for my room without testing ten different colors (because you know I have done this before!).

Devine Color is an exciting brand that offers a paint experience with artistic colors that go beyond a number on a paint chip. It offers innovative color discovery tools, and ultra-creamy light-enhancing formulas that make paint not just paint but paint, illuminated.

Artist, founder and creative director Gretchen Shauffler created each paint color, which is hand-mixed on a canvas and home-tested. The result is paint with light-enhancing pigments and a texture that is ultra-creamy, so you can coat the wall without dripping, spattering or making a mess – that’s why it is called Devine Color Creamy Wall Coating. 

The Devine Color Discovery Cards allows you to visualize color options by holding up the card to view your space. You peer through the frame, and discover the colors which draw you in.

// Do you have a multifunctional room in your home?  How do you make it work for you?