19 Iron On Baby Onesie + Bib Ideas

For my sister in law's "Baby Blessing" I set up a onesie and bib decorating station.  It was a fun little activity to give guests to do without it being too complicated of a craft.  Even those who did not choose to participate ooed and ahhed over the adorable masterpieces each guest made.  Plus it is always fun for me to be able to set up a craft, carefully choosing a color pallet and print, and then letting guests get creative with their own designs.  I was very impressed by what everyone came up with!

For the station, I provided fat quarters of fabric with Wonder Under ironed on one side and cut up into sections.  From there guests could create their own design, cut it out, and then iron on.  Providing half of the craft already prepared allowed for guests to do the fun part of designing and not the tedious ironing and cutting of large pieces of fabric.

The bibs I found in a pack of 15 from Walmart for $10.  The onesies and fabric I bought from Joann's.  I already had the Wonder Under but that can also be found at any fabric craft store.  I also have slowly collected a couple pairs of fabric scissors and glue guns for hosting crafting in my home.  No one wants to have to share one pair of scissors!

I also provided extra pieces of fabric and hot glue to make bow ties for the bibs and onesies.  You can find a tutorial for making fabric bows on my fabric hair bow tutorial.  I used the same technique minus the sewing.  We just hot glued the entire thing instead.

Here are all 19 designs the ladies made over the course of an afternoon.  They came out so cute and proved to be just the perfect little activity for our party.

To get shapes or characters, like this dog, I bought dog patterned fabric that someone cut an individual dog out of:

Baby's initials:

Wiener dog...........!!!

Mom + Dad's initials = baby

And on the back:

Monogrammed tie.  How on trend he will be!

A bib saying how much he loves his big brother:

Such an easy craft that turned out so cute!  Cannot wait to see my little nephew get to wear these all in the future!