A New Watercolor + Other Ramblings

I changed out one of the frames in our living room with a colorful watercolor.  It is amazing how one simple change can make a room feel different.  Just a little extra pop of coral and turquoise to make this little spot feel so much more colorful.

And yes, that is my laundry hanging in the mirror reflection.  Luckily my wardrobe also matches my home decor.

I have photographed this little corner before, but never adding a glimpse into our dining room until now.  Those imperfectly unfinished hardwood floors are just singing.  They add a warmth and contrast to this view that I just love.  You also get to see a white circle and black thing in the corner of the wall.  That would be the hole my husband thought would be cool to drill so we could put our computer chords through it.  Needless to say, I did not care for the idea.  But we still have a hole there.  The black piece is for a surround sound system we do not use anymore. 

Let's just say I am currently reading the Nester's book and being encouraged to photograph and blog even about the imperfect.  Less editing and more real life. 

So all this was is a post about changing a piece of art and my laundry drying and that our hardwood floors still aren't finished.  And I am content.  And things are still pretty.