Entryway Phone and iPod Charging Station

We use this little table by our entryway for holding keys and charging phones.  For the most part it is the catch all station for my husband when he comes through the door.  Over the years I have tried a variety of bowls and containers to contain the mess for the most part. 

Besides catching things, this shelf also hides our shoes and holds our stereo system that runs music throughout the house.  That blue tape on the ground is part of our unfinished floors.

I try to keep our entryway hallway clear most of the time.  It is pretty narrow so I only allow dirty shoes and my workout bag to hang out here for any long length of time.

The newest addition to our catch all station was this flower pot I found at Target.  The draining hole is just big enough for us to feed our phone and iPod chords through.  The iPod touch is what we usually run our music through so it permanently sits here.

Not all flower pot drain holes are the same size.  Nor are phone charging chords.  We lucked out on this one.  But if you are handy, you could always drill a bigger hole.  I just like to luck out that the cute bowl I liked had the correct hole size.  

// How do you corral your chords?