An Update On My Fiddle Leaf Fig

Exactly a year ago, I jumped on the fiddle leaf fig bandwagon and picked up a plant at Home Depot for $15.  Since then I have continued to hunt for a bigger version without much luck (except for one $100 plant...but that is too much out of my budget for something that could very well die).  Here is what it used to look like:

I tried my best to keep it alive and get it to grow but did not have a ton of luck.  It just sat there all small and sad while I saw other bloggers fill their home with big glorious versions.  When we started the work on the hardwood floors in this room, I sent all my plants to "grandma" for awhile (aka my florist mom).  

Fast forward a few months to the present.  I brought this baby home just last week and look at it!

It's all huge and beautiful and so HAPPY!  Lesson learned, time away at grandma's is good for both of us. 

My mom said she soaked the plant once every two weeks as we researched.  I think she was just better at staying on it.  Plus I think she is a plant whisperer.

She tied some rope on the container the plant is in so that it is easier to pull out when soaking.  So what I do is take it out to the backyard, fill with water/soak, wait 15 minutes then pull it out and drain the ceramic pot then bring it back in.  It's been a week and it's still looking great.  Let's hope I can keep it up!