Colorful and Bright Christmas Living Room

For our Christmas decorated living room I played off of our natural and rustic decor of our dining room.  We replaced our white ornament tree with a green one and I incorporated some black and white elements like I did in our dining room.  But because this room is already so colorful, the decor made for a more bright and graphic look that I love.  The house is in unison but each room has just a little of it's own personality!

I have a lot of little trees.  In previous years I used the white hutch we used to have in our dining room to flock a little forest but since I sold it earlier this year, our living room shelf is now the place for them to sparkle and shine.

The black and white stripes make the space feel a little more modern but still festive.  She's like previous year's more preppy big sister.

I've been really inspired this year to play off of my existing decor and color scheme.  It makes everything seem pulled together and not out of place...or that Christmas just threw up everywhere (though not a terrible thing either!).

For having a white tree for so many years I was taken back a little at what to do with our new green tree and all our ornaments.  The white tree made all the ornaments show up so much more as well as feel a little empty.  I also felt the need to add more fluff to make it more full.  I was pleasantly surprised (and a little confused) that all I needed this year was to hang our ornaments.  I am really happy with it's simplicity.

Plus it shows off all of the ornaments that we have collected over the years.  We got quite a few new ones this year from all our travels.  It is so fun to look at all the ornaments and remember the places we have been.