Embracing a Busy Christmas Season

The holiday season this year feels different.  I am not sure if it is because I am getting better at letting things go or perhaps it has something to do with having two nephews around to take care of during the week.  Either way, this month has been crazy like it always is, but it has a joyful busyness to it that I am embracing.

I love quiet days and a simple life.  But I think this year I am accepting that Christmas is going to always be crazy no matter what I do about it.  So I set boundaries, make laser focused to do lists, and ride this wave for what it is.

I suppose it is a sign that I am learning to handle and manage stress better and for that I am incredibly thankful for.  But I am learning to take each day at a time.

Because in the depths of crazy are beautiful moments. 

Whether you are weary or joyful I encourage you to make the rest of this holiday season about what you want it to be.  Personally, I let go of perfect gift giving and instead pour my time and energy into my home.  Getting to spend my days in the magic of twinkle lights make the busy season bearable.

Let go of pleasing others and replace it with loving others.  Let go of perfection with everything and trade it in for making one special part of this season amazing.