Clay Christmas Ornaments with Kids

During the holidays I try to do a few fun Christmas type activities with my nephew.  He is at the age now where he can actually remember something we did a year ago.  After telling me all about putting up our clay ornaments we made last year onto his Christmas tree, we decided it would be fun to make some more again this year.

We used baking clay from the craft store.

And these little eye pins from the jewelry section.

My nephew is really into the planets so he rolled out all the planets on his own.  I was pretty impressed with his earth ornament!

I made a few ornaments as well.  A few I rolled and made into shapes or used cookie cutters to cut out.

I also made a C like the ornaments we made last year for his little brother.

Here are the ones we made last year.  I admit I put a little more effort into them then!

The clay comes with directions but you bake that at 225 degrees for 15 minutes.  A really easy craft you can do in an hour with memories for your tree for years to come!