Girl's Night In: Backyard Game Night

I recently hosted another game night for the women in my moms group.  Since the weather has been so nice, we set up in the backyard.  It was a lovely evening of laughing and roasting smores!

We stumbled upon this beautiful gas fire pit at TJ-Maxx (of all places!).  After a little online phone research, we found out that the fire pit was close to half the price of similar ones at the hardware store.  So we decided to use our yard sale money to buy it!  We have always talked about wanting a fire element in our yard and I love that we can just turn on the gas to roast marshmallows and create ambiance without dealing with our wood fire pit (which we will still keep for more serious bonfire nights!).

I set up snacks including the essential smore ingredients on my beloved ampersand board.

I also set up some half caff coffee and we were set for the night!

For months I have been wanting to get paper coffee cups to use outdoors and for bringing hot drinks to the homeless who hang out at the library near my house.  I finally found some online I like and ordered them.  They are great for not having to drag out coffee mugs outdoors and make for easy clean up.  Plus guests can take a cup to go if they want.  It is a small detail that is well appreciated.

Since I had just set up the patio furniture on the cement slab, I wanted to build around that space.  So I brought out our adirondack chairs and set up the fire pit to create a circle with the patio furniture.  It was perfectly inviting and just close enough to have group conversation over the games.

The bar cart served lemonade and displayed all my games. 

As the night grew on, the ambiance kept getting better.  Laughing by the fire under the lights is my perfect idea of a Saturday nigh.

I am so grateful for this group of women who aren't afraid to act silly and maybe get slightly competitive!  Using my home to build friendship and community is such a gift.  Sitting under the twinkle lights by the roses is just icing on the cake.