Yosemite Trip: Blurb Photo Book

I have been knocking out a few more photo books lately.  This one I am sharing today is from our recent trip earlier this year to Yosemite.  It was my first time (well, since I was two supposedly) so I enjoyed our few days away with big eyes taking in all the beauty that is literally only a few hours away from us.

I used Blurb to print the books and if you want details on our trip, where we stayed, and what we did, check out my post here.

I seem to go through phases of photo book design.  Usually my books are pretty similar throughout the year until I transition my design to something else that is inspiring me at the moment.  One thing that has stayed the same is a brief summary of our trip in the beginning.  I usually do not like to use a lot of text but I insist on including a few memories for my own sake to be able to read years from now. 

I did not realize that I could do full two page bleed pages with Blurb so easily, so this is my first attempt.  I am pretty happy with the giant layout.

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