First Moms Group Session of the Year

Our first week of Moms Group kicked off a few weeks ago as we started back up for the year.  As we go into our second year, things are so much easier.  Things are running more smoothly, the work now feels routine, and with a year of established relationships under our belt, the morning just felt warm and welcoming.  I am so glad I get to bear the fruit of a second year together.  Last year was a lot of work and I am finally really reaping the benefits of it all.

Our theme this year is "Whatever is Lovely" based off of Philippians 4:8.  I wanted the room to portray the mood of simple and pretty while dwelling on the pure, admirable, and excellent things in life.

As we do every first meeting of a session, we played an ice breaker called "speed dating".  I have a list of questions that the women answer to each other.  They have about a minute to talk and then I have them switch.  They find someone else to then talk to and answer the next question.  It is a great activity to get everyone talking while not leaving any conversations to linger too awkwardly long.

I do a little introduction of the group, introduce our leadership team, and then leave them with some conversation time at the table.  We also had a small craft where they were able to make little photo album books - used for putting in encouraging words or scripture or whatever else they wanted.

Another great idea was to use the photo album for a sticker book for children (on the right below).

It was a great first week to kick off the year and I left with a full heart in hopes of the year to come with one another.