Stop and Smell the Roses: My Scent Goals

This post was written in participation with the #ScentGoals campaign on behalf of Herbal Essences.  Although sponsored, all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Domestic Fashionista possible!

When it comes to pampering myself, I am a simple girl.  While I wouldn't deny myself of a pedicure or massage, those aren't usually my go to pampering activities.  Every woman has their own personal style and for me I am more about making the everyday lovely.  

I love planting new flowers in my yard or lighting a scented candle on a cloudy day.  I also enjoy a good mist of lavender spray on my pillow at night and taking a walk around the neighborhood at dusk.  You might just say I have a thing for flowers and scents!

Because I may not always have the time or money for something elaborate, at least things like showering can be a little oasis of it's own.  I recently tried out Herbal Essences Happy Go Lather Body Wash with rose essences and it has become my own personal steamed rose garden at the end of a long day.  

When it comes to making up our homes and our lives, I think it is so important to create a space of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  Whether it is in hanging up a new piece of art on your walls, a special place just for you to read a book, or a relaxing morning beauty routine -- taking time out of the everyday for yourself can set the stage for your entire day.  I encourage you to figure out your own #ScentGoals and start applying them to your life today!

For me, flowers are my own personal #ScentGoals and with the beautiful scent of Happy Go Lather I ensure that I am enjoying the most simple events in life!

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