Backyard Birthday Party: For the Guy in Your Life

My dear husband is a good sport when it comes all the pretty parties and decor I like to throw around our home.  But when it comes to his birthday, one time a year, I want it to be about him while still being true to my party throwing ways.

I try to make things look nice but not too girly.  I did not have much of a plan for the tables the day of so it sort of just came to me as I started setting up.  I thought what better way to honor my husband then to throw it back to his glory days?!

And out came the childhood photos!

Honestly, I think I got the most amusement out of the photos but I thought it was a cute idea.  It wasn't a big milestone birthday or anything.  I just wanted it to be about him.  I think our guests got a kick out of seeing some of his old photos.

Besides the photos, I clipped some greens and put them in bottles and let the night time lights and ambiance take the show.  This is our one party all year that the sun goes down so much earlier so that we can enjoy the outdoor lights almost the entire time.

 The night was just lovely.  Just enough of a breeze too be comfortable.  I love October.

He's a pretty great guy so I enjoy celebrating him.  Even if pizza delivery and new socks is good enough for him.  I just can't help myself.  Sky high ice cream cake for the win.