Life After Purging: Guest Bedroom

Over the summer I switched my office and our guest bedroom.  You can read the details as to why here.  Our back bedroom is now used as a guest bedroom as well as a catch all room for my husband. 

The room is simple and functional - just how I like things!  My nephews also nap in this room so having it further away from the main living spaces of our home makes nap time so much easier!

Now that I have shown you the pretty stuff, here is the reality!  A storage space for my dear husband!

My husband also insists on using this closet for his clothes so that he doesn't wake me when he gets up for work.  I reorganized his dresser so I left post it notes so that he could easily find everything!  I do my best to keep our marriage happy when I am constantly moving stuff around!  My patient husband just rolls his eyes at me!

We also store a few odds and ends including the pack in play for my nephew.

The room is nothing fancy or special but being intentional about how we use each room has eliminated clutter and helped us with a better flow overall.  My office is conveniently now placed in our smallest bedroom that is closer to the kitchen and living room.  Purging the house has been a lot of work but the payoff of a better functioning home is well worth it!