Holiday Dessert Party 2015

We hosted our annual holiday dessert party earlier this month.  The party is surrounded around gathering friends and family with a little friendly competition.  Guests are invited to bring a dessert to share that everyone gets to vote on leaving the top three desserts winners of the night. 

We make sure the house is decked with Christmas decor as well as serve tasty appetizers to cleanse the sweet eating palate.  Over the past few years I have made the same food each time because the recipes have been such a hit.  You can find all the details and recipes here.

For the dessert table I hung up paper decorations that I have accumulated and saved over the years.  Though I do not always use them as my main Christmas decorations, I somehow find a use for them every year (last year they were used for a background for a photo booth).

I put out coffee and hot water as well as lemonade and iced water.

I also move the furniture around to create a more open seating area for guests.  

We used our bedroom to collect jackets and purses.  Having this small clothing rack is always handy to have on hand for parties and for displaying clothes at our yard sales.  We picked up an inexpensive one from Target that comes apart for easy storage.

We used my office as a space for the kids to hangout.  We put on a Christmas video and supplied them with all of my nephews' toys.  It worked out well in keeping the little ones entertained for the night.

For our downstairs dining room, I moved the table against the wall to make extra room for gathering and getting to the food easily.  

It is amazing how filling a bunch of tiny bites of dessert and food can make you!  It always makes for a yummy and enjoyable time!

And here are my cute parents, always my little party helpers! 

Another year of fun and festivity, perhaps my favorite party of the year.  It kicks off the holiday season for us and holds me accountable to getting all my decorations up right away!  I am always grateful for the time to spend with friends celebrating this lovely time of year.

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