Hostess Tip: Food I'm Serving This Holiday Season

I've partnered with Frito Lay in this sponsored campaign but all the party and snacking tips are my own!  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible.


When it comes to the holiday season I try to be very mindful about how I spend my time.  As a creative person I naturally gravitate to homemade things but in reality I can only make so much myself while trying to remain sane.  For example, I choose designing our holiday card over baking cookies for everyone. We can only do so much with the few weeks of this magical season that we are given and so I apply this concept to all areas of my holiday festivities, including how I entertain.

Whether I am having a few friends over to wrap gifts together or am having the family over for a holiday movie marathon, I try to focus my attention on the company and the activity over worrying too much about the food.  I want to create memories with friends and family so making my life as easy as possible when it comes to preparing these events, ensures that they are traditions that will last for years to come.

With a few seasonal goodies like these ROLD GOLD Classic and Peppermint Dipped Pretzels in combination with some simple cheese and crackers, I have a mix of store bought and hand prepared that is sure to keep guests happy.  Plus you cannot go wrong with something sweet and salty!  And if you really want to impress your guests (but not put yourself through the extra stress), serve your snacks on pretty plates and cute tea cups.  It is the little attention to detail that will make your guests feel special without spending all day in the kitchen.

Perhaps you are baking cookies with friends or decorating gingerbread houses.  Some crunchy snacks keep the stomach happy while hands are busy working.  I love to serve something fun and indulgent like CRACKER JACK Sugar Cookies and Holiday CHEETOS Sweetos alongside something hearty like veggies and dip.  No one has yet to complain about having a balance of sweet and filling!

Putting together a platter like this takes only minutes to prepare.  This season, don't let the stress and prep work keep you from enjoying the people in your life.  Pick up a few bags of yummy seasonal treats and get to spending time with the people you love!

This year, I am really excited to have a few sweet treats on hand for weekend movies on the couch and impromptu guests stopping by.  These CRACKER JACK Holiday Sugar Cookies and Holiday CHEETOS Sweetos are perfectly sweet and crunchy (great for movie watching if you ask me!).

While picking up something quick for your own home or on your way to that holiday potluck, these ROLD GOLD Pretzels will not disappoint!  They come in Classic and Peppermint Dipped.

And in case you haven't noticed, this is one of the craziest times of year to go shopping!  I skip the long lines at the grocery store and stop into my local Walgreens instead. 

Plus when I am in a hurry they have all their seasonal merchandise easy to find and grab when in a hurry.  Everyone is sure to love these limited time holiday snacks.  Serve them as an appetizer, pick them up for a hostess gift, or use them to fill in a festive gift basket!

"Add Some Crunch" this holiday season with Frito-Lay and Walgreens!  Find more about these delicious snacks and their #FestiveFlavors campaign here:

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