Quiet and Coloring: How I Am Observing Lent This Year

This year for Lent I decided I was craving some more quiet in my life.  In the last month I have been able to keep up a lunch time routine of doing my quiet time while I eat which has been a much needed new habit for me.  In this current season, with one nephew at school and one napping during my early need for lunch, this has been a guaranteed time of being still. 

I did not feel the nudge to necessarily cut anything out this year.  Instead I wanted to continue encouraging a more quiet and thoughtful spirit.  So I jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon and made it a time of creative worship.

I picked up a coloring book at my favorite store, TJ-Maxx, intentionally picking one out with space for me to write in a Bible verse.  I let the drawing inspire me to find a fitting verse and then spend my time coloring and meditating on it.

It by no means is an intense hour of praying or reading my Bible.  But instead it is a small choice to sit still.  To let the Lord speak to me during this time.  To pray about something when it comes to mind.  And to choose stillness over busyness.  I find that when I allow my relationship with God to mimic my own specific learning styles of being creative and kinesthetic, He is so kind to meet me there. 

Along with the coloring book, I picked out some new markers to use.  I chose to be brave and see if the ink would bleed through and luckily it isn't bad.  But honestly markers make me so much happier than colored pencils.  It was a compromise I wasn't willing to make!


And in case you are interested, you can find my same coloring book over on Amazon

If you are observing Lent this year, I would love to hear what you are doing! 

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