A Sweet Baby Boy Shower

Last month, I was blessed to be able to have a second baby shower hosted at my parent's house (you can catch the first baby shower here).  In all my years of blogging, I do not believe I have ever shared about my parent's home.  It is the house that I grew up in and it is quite lovely.  My mom has graciously passed on the entertaining hat onto me since I love to share our home.  But it was fun to flash back to the good old days when my mom opened up her home for all our family gatherings. 

We reused a few items from my first shower as well as some of the chalkboard art I did for my sister in law's shower earlier this year. 

The shower was the first place we started publicly sharing baby's name with a framed photo of the announcement.  We also put out more wishes for baby cards for guests to fill out.

To make desserts easy and fun, we put out the chocolate fountain.  I keep saying we but my mom and family helped put everything together.  Apparently word on the street is that I am picky and so my mom confided in me about all the food and details!

I did, however, print out a few of our maternity photos to hang up on this sweet little banner.

A cup of lemonade labeled "momma".  Still kind of crazy to really think about.  And a rare siting of painted nails!

The chocolate fountain was a hit.  Definitely a fun variation to the typical shower cake or desserts.

And because my mom insisted on having me come up with the menu, we enjoyed some of my favorite staples.  Chicken salad sandwiches...

Broccoli salad...

And my sister in law's famous pasta salad...

This shower was a combination of family and friends we have known for years that are like family.  It is always so fun to have a reason to gather everyone together and catch up.  I am grateful for these special life celebrations that bring people together (and for guests who are willing to travel just to celebrate with you!).

I love the look of my sister in law's face in the background here.  A sweet family friend gifted me this gigantic stack of hand sewn receiving blankets and birth cloths!  It is a pretty epic amount!  I am pretty sure we are set!

Sitting next to me is my teacher from fifth grade.  I have to give credit to my mom because she is so good at keeping in touch with people over the years.  But it is pretty special to still have my old elementary school teacher in my life.  Back in the day I also substitute taught for her for a couple of years.  But it is life long friends like these that make these special celebrations even sweeter.

Here I am with Brent's side of our family...baby's sweet aunties and grandma.

And my side...his great aunt, aunt, and grandma.

I know I keep saying things about how blessed we feel and how spoiled our little guy is already.  But it is so true.  It is really overwhelming to feel an extension of myself through my son and how people react in love.  I am sure this is just the beginning of understanding how much other people will love my baby and how that will bond our family even closer.  It is a special time and he hasn't even met the outside world yet.  There were a lot of uncertainties with possibly moving before the baby was born when we first got pregnant.  So being able to be here with our family and support system has been such a joy to share in this journey together.