Baby Things: A Few Rambling Thoughts

It seems these days that I have so much I want to share but very little time and energy to actually share them.  I suppose it is okay to keep things to myself.  But I want to capture everything these days to look back on and it is starting to feel hard to keep that up!  So in order to cope with my need to share, I snapped a few pictures lately of things that I wanted to document.

// We have gotten an amazingly outrageous amount of hand me down clothes from my nephews so I haven't really bought much.  But I did find a few sweet little things for possible coming home outfits.  I love the simple designs and neutral colors.

Onesies: Baby Gap + Macy's // Hats: Baby Gap // Slippers: Pottery Barn Kids

// Hunting down sweet and fun baby toys has also been a treat for me.  Here are a few of my favorites that I have found.  I am trying to go the more minimalist route - splurging on a few really cute things instead of an overabundance of cheaper generic baby toys.

Fox Rattle: Land of Nod // Star Rattle: Land of Nod // Cat Rattle: Ikea

As you can see I have a grey and white theme going on.  I am almost done with the baby's nursery and hope to blog about it soon (before the baby comes!).  Crossing my fingers on that one!

Solly Baby Wrap // Black and White Soft Book: Land of Nod // Mouse Stuffed Animal: Pottery Barn Kids

// My current craving is anything icy and cold.  We thought it fitting that I pose in front of the 7-11 sign with my slurpee since the baby's due date is July 11th. 

I am hiding inside as much as I can these days with the temperature hitting mostly 90's and the occasional 100 degree day.  I have never been more appreciative for air conditioning in my life.   

// We had another ultrasound at our last appointment and it was so crazy to see the baby's little features starting to show.  The last time we saw him was around 20 weeks when we found out he was a boy.  He sure has grown a lot since then!  It is hard to tell but his head is to the side and his little hand is in front of his mouth. 

I've never cared much for ultrasound pictures.  But once it is your own baby and this is the only glimpse of what he looks like, I have found myself equally as obsessed as every other crazed first time mom!

// Besides all of that I am doing pretty good.  I feel like I am hanging in there despite an uncomfortable body in the heat of the summer.  Some days are harder than others but for the most part I am sleeping okay and am trying to stay active. 

I am still working out at the gym and it has been really good for me.  The people at the gym are the nicest (versus funny things strangers say!) and it has been a really empowering experience to continue to work out as my body changes. 

Years ago I had gained a lot of weight and was able to lose it.  I am now just a few pounds over my heaviest weight nearing the end of my pregnancy.  For someone who has dealt with a lot of body image issues over the years, being able to see myself where I am now versus where I was in the past has been a really good learning experience. 

I was so scared of gaining weight when I would think about being pregnant.  Though I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant, I will have to say that I have appreciated my growing body more than I imagined.  It has been really good for me to not worry about losing weight or constantly counting calories.  For the first time I am listening to my body, trying to do my best with what I put in it, and then letting go.  I really hope that this new mindset will continue after the baby arrives giving myself a more healthy and balanced physical self esteem.

// I started packing my hospital bag weeks ago.  I'll admit it was a tad early considering I keep having to take stuff out to use on a daily basis!  But being packed and ready is one less thing to have on my mind.  Plus being able to use my cute new diaper bag and accessories is super exciting!

I also have a larger bag with my clothes and stuff in it.  Inside my diaper bag is mostly baby things - clothes, swaddle, blanket, and baby book (for hand and footprints).  And I just love all the fun black and white prints!  I may be sleep deprived but I will definitely have one stylish diaper bag! 

Diaper Bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote (I also have this boxy backpack one as well!) // Wet bags: Pottery Barn Kids 1, 2, 3 // Swaddle: Aden and Anais // Blanket: Pottery Barn Kids

// I already shared this on Instagram but wanted to document it here: "Soaking up my last weeks before baby comes with these cuties. These hot summer days may feel long but I know our time is short. Over the past five years these two have taught me so much about grace, unconditional love, and being silly. I'll be a better mom because of them."

They say the last weeks of pregnancy go by super slow but for me I feel like each day flies by.  I am trying to soak up these final days with my sweet nephews.  They are so cute and silly and already love their baby cousin so much.  It is so weird to be at this turning point in life where so much will change.  I am trying to live up each day I have just with Brent as well as take advantage of the few weeks I have left to try to get things done. 

// The countdown is for real.  I am trying my best to catch up on blog posts and will plan to have some of them go past my due date so I will have a little content spread out.  Thanks for sticking with me during these past few crazy months.  Looking forward to continuing to share the coming of our baby boy with you all soon! xo