Making a Quilt with My Nephew

A few months ago when I was sewing projects for our baby boy, my nephew showed quite a bit of interest in wanting to sew.  But I did not dare let him touch any of my precious prized baby sewing projects!  So instead I decided to pick up some fabric so he could have his own project. 

He loves planets so I picked up this cute space fabric so that he could make his own quilt.  I then picked out matching fabric for the backside.  It worked out well as the diamond design served as a guide for him to sew in straight lines.

I probably sewed 95% of the quilt on my own and left some of the easier quilted looking lines for him.  He took turns either pushing the fabric through or pushing on the foot pedal while I did the opposite at the same time.  After he got the hang of it, I was quite impressed to find that he could do both at the same time with an occasional helping hand by me to keep the fabric going through at a constant speed.

The quilt is basically two pieces of fabric and batting sewn together.  But for such a simple project, I think it still came out really cute.  I finished off the edges with bias tape.

I'll admit it was a bit of work for me to do while I was 35 weeks pregnant!  But it ended up being a really special and fun project to do together.  He cannot stop talking about how much he loves it, how thankful he is that I helped him make it, and that sewing is his new hobby!  It's the cutest!

Little brother wanted to get in on the quilt action as well!

My little seamstress!  He's the cutest!